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Let's Get Social! July 31 2016 22 Comments

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Hello to those of you just joining me here! So glad to have you! I'm diving deep into my blog launch and will be blogging more over here in the next coming weeks as things get sorted out! In the meantime you can catch me around! Here are my favorite places to hang and share content!
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My newest obsession (I secretly love the filters...shhh) Get a sneak peak into my life in Brooklyn and whats happening day to day, unedited!
Hope to see you there! :)

Life-Styled by Stacey Garcia: What Color Can't I Live Without July 22 2016 6 Comments

I was tickled pink when Stacy Garcia's team asked me about my musings on color for their publication Life-Styled, check out what I had to say on page 8.

I was fortunate to meet Stacy last September at The New York Design Center's What's New What's Next event. I had admired her work for afar and when I was told that I was sitting on a panel with her in the Grange showroom I was humbled and honestly so nervous! The night before the event the panelists got together for dinner to get acquainted and I remember being quite nervous. Stacy gave me the warmest welcome and calmed my nerves. Her personality is as vivacious as her fashion forward designs and she is chock full of wisdom as she owns and runs multiple successful creative businesses. Here are some of my favorite wallpapers of hers, enjoy!



Urban Source Chicago: Studio of the Month July 11 2016 10 Comments

We are delighted to announce that we are Urban Source Chicago's indie studio of the month! Urban Source has been our Chicago showroom for the past few years and have been a delight to work with.  You can always pop into their showroom if you are in Chicago to see our papers in person and chat with their amazing team. 


I sat down with April from from Urban Source and updated them on happenings in the studio, next big projects and goals for the upcoming year. Check out the interview here!

DecorAid: Makers We Love May 31 2016 6 Comments



I had the opportunity to recently chat with Decor Aid over in their Makers We Love Series! Click on over to find out about what inspires my designs and business! 

Save the Date: What's New What's Next 2015 with Kimberly Lewis August 19 2015 5 Comments

I am excited to announce that I will be debuting two new French inspired wallpaper patterns along with new colorways of some of our favorites on September 17, 2015 at the Grange showroom at the New York Design Center at their event What's New What's Next. I have worked with Grange to design and style these wallpapers with some of their heirloom quality furniture for their front windows of their showroom space.

Come see them in person, check out my inspiration and pop over to say hello to me!

New York Design Center
200 Lexington Avenue  New York, NY 10016
Thursday, September 17, 2015 from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM 

To RSVP for the event click here.

I am also honored to be speaking on a panel that day at 3:45pm in the Grange showroom. It will be led by Jason Kontos of New York Spaces and I will be chatting alongside Stacy Garcia and Steve McKenzie on progressive design that never goes out of style. This is truly a pinch me moment and I can not wait to see you there!

Grange Factory Tour: Furniture Production Line March 09 2015 6 Comments


Furniture design holds a very special place in my heart. My fascination with furniture design began back when I was a freshmen at Pratt Institute. I was assigned to design a foldable chair that could be transported on the often busy and crowded 6 train in NYC. It had to be made from simply a single sheet of cardboard. No fasteners and had to bear weight.  Until that moment it was a mystery to me about the design process of products especially furniture and my professor opened up my eyes to a whole new realm that I never knew existed.  After that project I never saw product design or furniture the same!



Despite studying industrial design and furniture design in college, honing my very rudimentary wood shop skills at Pratt, and being a designer in the real world for quite some time I very rarely get to see production lines. After finding out that I had won the trip to France with Grange I was not only excited to visit Paris and attend Maison + Objet but the thought of seeing an actual production line made me giddy beyond belief. That probably sounds totally design nerdy but its true!



I had no clue what to expect after getting off the TGV train in Lyon. Myself and a handful of other Grange guests boarded a bus and started our journey to the Grange factory in a small town about an hour outside of Lyon. The ride was idyllic. Snow covered mountains, pastures with farm animals, and the snow fell lightly as we wound our way into the mountains. So picturesque! When we finally got to the Grange offices we were welcomed into a pristine factory where we saw the production process right before our very own eyes. Lets take a step inside!



Despite a lot of things going on in the factory everything had its own home and was extremely organized.  The first photo shows a shelve full of jigs to help the Grange workers make precise cuts. Before the wood is turned into heirloom quality pieces of furniture that will last for generations it is prepped. I was surprised that despite all of the activity there was pretty much zero saw dust everywhere. Grange sure keeps a clean shop!



Here is a piece pre-staining and painting. How beautiful is the form even without the final finishing colors touches?  Every piece of Grange furniture touches a myriad of hands before going to its forever home.   Every piece that I saw is made with precision and care.



I was surprised to learn that all of the pieces are distressed by hand. This woman had an arsenal of tools are her disposal to give the Grange pieces its signature look.



Hanging out in the drying rack. For every various color or stain that is applied it must be completely dried before adding another. 



It was fascinating to see this worker tape off the legs of this table and hand apply the black paint. Something so simple involved so many steps. I admired his patience!



Before the pieces are shipped off they are checked at the quality control station. I loved that they had a small sign that translates to English to "The Customer is Right" This can be a hard part of being a designer sometimes, believe me I know!


Checking the finish, this one looks like it is good to go. I love the lion head pulls!


A huge thank you to Grange for having me as their guest in their factory and the opportunity to share with my readers! 


Trend Spotting at Maison + Objet February 10 2015 1 Comment

Continuing with my Paris posts, if you are just checking in I attended Maison + Objet in Paris on behalf of Grange Furniture. Maison + Objet has established itself as the leader of the interior trade fairs across the world and designers, tastemakers, press and more make the journey to the January show to see what lies ahead for trends in the upcoming year.   It definitely lives up to the hype of a  “unique experience to discover the unexpected”.  Here is a round up of what was catching my eye and I think will make a splash in 2015 and beyond.


Botanical Creatures

I noticed that butterflies and insects adorned many booths and products at the show. Everything from furniture to fabric to wallpaper and art. Pictured above is the Grange Miss Butterfly Exceptions de GRANGE chest.


Rich Peacock Colors

I wouldn't say that this is a new trend as peacock colors and jewel tones have been prevalant over the past few years but it is a color palette that is still going strong and seemed to be favored by many of the designers and companies attending. I definitely felt like I saw more jewel tones out and about in Paris than in NYC so perhaps it is a color palette that has more of a European flair.

Futuristic: Luxe Technology 

The 3D printing market is booming and this new technology has infiltrated design aesthetics of many infusing a futuristic look. Think sharp angles with milky whites, the future is now!

Candy Colored Pastels

Pastel colors are packing a sweet and powdery punch. A dose of white gives these colors gave a sweet and feminine touch to many products as seen in the Missoni Home photo above as well as the previous photo.


Pops of Neon and Ombre'd Out

Splashes of neon add energy and are invigorating. This is a trend that sneaking in here and there and seems to be going strong without overkill at least in the home furnishings arena . I really enjoyed the youthfulness of the above booth. I did feel like all of the ombre touches on the other hand are becoming a bit tired. I felt like I was ombre'd out, from candles to pillows to wallpaper, the ombre I saw didn't feel as unexpected as it once did.

Gilded Age

Metallics were shining bright. Copper and brass were abundant as well as polished gold. These metallics were not about a distressed finish, instead shiny and slick was the name of the game.


Check back later this week for more of my France adventures, à_bientôt!

Maison + Objet Paris with Grange Furniture February 06 2015 1 Comment

I arrived back from my trip to Paris and Lyon, France this week, and wow what a trip! I am absolutely brimming with inspiration and ideas! When I initially won the trip through the Grange contest I was to be honest in a bit of disbelief. I had always dreamed of traveling back to France and every year gobbled up coverage of Maison + Objet and I am still pinching myself that all of it came true! 

I honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect at Maison + Objet, I have gobbled up the coverage via the internet in the past but walking the show in person was something else. I was blown away by the sheer size of all of the halls,  I felt like a kid in a candy store. Everywhere I looked were fabulous products, so many colors, so many patterns. It was honestly overwhelming in the absolute best way possible! I felt like my senses were working overtime, the sights, the smells (yes smells!), and the textures. I tried to take it all in! Despite me being slightly overwhelmed and overjoyed at this coming together of companies and people from all over the world  for the love of design I did spot some design trends that I am sure will make a big splash in the coming year. But first lets kick it off with the companies booth that gave me this amazing opportunity, Grange!



I was floored by the size of some of the booths especially the Grange booth, they were like showrooms floating around the trade show floor, crazy!

Jewel tones popped up everywhere as they seem to be trending colors that are holding strong. This cabinet with the butterfly wallpaper front was also a showstopper. These winged beauties were a motif that repeated itself throughout the show as well.


I am obsessed with this aqua / rusty aqua / neutral palette. It is unexpected yet fresh. This collection is part of Grange's new intros and it felt very New England cosy and relaxed yet chic. I love to be daring with colors and this color is one of the many finishes Grange offers.

 A sleek way to hide your tv and electronics, I'm sold! Shown here open...


And with a single push, the two shelves slide seamlessly together.

I adore these pops of color inside the drawers, how fun is that?

A desk fit for a king, I loved the detailing on this desk combined with the chair with a cane backing and leather details. 

Customization is king at Grange since all of the products are made to order and handcrafted in France. Stay tuned for a post about their pristine factory that I visited right outside of Lyon, France. I loved the use of texture of the wallpaper in the back of these built ins. A ton of options at your fingertips, something soft and textural like this or the option to go bolder with a not so traditional finish and punchy pattern. All ideas are welcome at the table!

How fun is this moody and sleek console? The front detailing adds a masculine flair with an edge.

Check back soon for more Maison + Objet finds, a sneak peek into the Grange factory and more! A huge thank you again for Grange for this wonderful opportunity! 




Check out my top 10 Swoon-Worthy Chinoiserie wallpaper picks on!

Sending Good Tidings December 16 2014

What is the most surefire way to know that the Holidays are upon us? The sudden influx of cards from distant family members, friends, and coworkers! For those of us who are less punctual in our holiday preparations, there is still time to ensure that your wishes will be displayed proudly upon someone’s mantle. Didn’t have time to take this year’s holiday picture? Don’t stress, these Holiday cards will leave anyone who receives them feeling merry and bright.



  1. Shoe Tree $35.00 (per 10)
  2. Merry Christmas on Red Glitter $4.95
  3. Santa With Gem Hat $6.95
  4. Cozy Christmas Cat $3.49

Hostess Holiday Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank December 10 2014

It’s a tale as old as time – you have to go to your significant other’s boss’s house for a holiday party and you have nothing to bring. Emily Post would undoubtedly roll over in her grave if you showed up empty handed to a formal gathering (especially during the holidays), so you scramble to put something together. Below are a few tried and true gifts that will make you seem like the most considerate houseguest, without leaving your bank account in the red. The best part - you can stock up on these little goodies and use them again for surprise engagements in the New Year! 

  1. Heavenly Gingerlily Medio Candela 
  2. Davids Tea Eggnog Flavor 
  3. William Sonoma Peppermint Bark 
  4. Champagne from local store or

Wallpaper Memoirs: Sarah Sarna November 18 2014


Back today with another Wallpaper Memoirs post, today we are chatting with Sarah Sarna, blogger and interior designer and fellow friend of mine!  I am really loving hearing everyone's responses so far and can't wait to share more. If you are interested in contributing to the conversation shoot me an email


Do you have a memory of wallpaper from the past that stands out in your mind?

The wallpaper in my bedroom from age 9 onwards was a pale pink grasscloth. I remember my mom showing me the sample and just loving it. Pink was my favorite color and I found the grasscloth texture to be so sophisticated. Unfortunately, after my mom carefully hung the paper, our cat, Raisin, realized that she also loved the texture and would try to scratch at it, to our dismay. Cat scratches aside, I've been a grasscloth fan ever since.
What is your all time favorite wallpaper pattern?
I love black and white or black and grey toile. Toile in general. My grandmother is a (now retired) decorator and she had a grey and white toile wallpaper in a powder room in the house she lived in until I was in middle school. In her current home she has an all black and white toile guest bedroom. I find toile to be a timeless, beautiful print, and it also reminds me of her.

Designer Insights Interview November 10 2014 1 Comment

Click on over to the Terry's Blinds blog to read their Designer Insights interview with me! I'm sharing my creative process, how I stay inspired, and more! Thanks Terry's Blinds for having me!

Wallpaper Memoirs: Samantha Penner of The Peak of Tres Chic November 06 2014

I am super excited to be kicking off my newest column here on Not for Wallflowers. This has been brewing in the back of my head for quite some time. I have found since starting my company that when I mention what I do a lot of people will bring up a very distinct memory from growing up surrounding wallpaper. Since everything old is new again and my wallpaper aims not to be your grandmothers wallpaper I'd love to celebrate these memories and celebrate how far wallpaper has come in the last handful of decades. I've asked my favorites designers/bloggers/tastemakers to share their wallpaper memoirs with me and we are kicking it off today with Samantha Penner a Houston based Interior Designer and the author of The Peak of Tres Chic, a favorite blog of mine! 
 Samantha's Wallpaper Memory
 I grew up visiting my great grandmother Margaret in Denton, TX, and she had a lovely French toile blue and white paper throughout her home that I loved.  My design style has always been traditionally rooted, and I think my affinity for classic motifs and patterns began here, with Margaret's lovely blue and white French toile.
As my style has evolved throughout the years to become more fresh and updated, I have grown to love modern, graphic prints.  My favorite is David Hicks La Fiorentina.
 Samantha's Favorite Wallpaper
David Hicks Fiorentina. I LOVE this wallpaper.  It was designed by the decorating great David Hicks himself, and is reminiscent of the swingin 60s.  I recently used it in a client's entryway, and result was fabulous!  We paired it with a brass sputnik chandelier.
Make sure to check out Samantha's blog and her fabulous Instagram feed. Thanks so much Sam for kicking off this series! 

Win a Trip to Paris with Grange Furniture + Kimberly Lewis! Part 2 November 04 2014 30 Comments

Bonjour mes amis! I have some very exciting news today, because of all of your support, votes, and lovely comments I have won Grange Furniture's What colors do you dream in? Blogger Contest! I am excited beyond belief to jet to Paris come January for Maison et Objet and visit the Grange factory in Lyon. Thank you so much for all your support!!


Maison et Objet  is the leading European design exhibition that showcases home decor and is often revealing for new design trends in interior design,  it is basically an enormous bazaar of style! Sounds grand right? I can't wait to be inspired by the energy, the products, and all of the emerging talent. I am planning on soaking it all in!


I have more amazing news, One lucky blog reader is going to be able to accompany me!  Without further ado here is my winning design and more details on how you can win a trip as well!

My design 'Chartreuse Chic' was inspired by the eclectic girl downtown who styles her Grange Directoire console in the brightest pop color she can find. I was unapolagetic in my design and chose the Vert Pomme finish along with a healthy dose of pattern, whimsy, and an edged up Grecian bust.


Grange has designed various other ambiances to show the array of finishes that you can customize your Directoire Console in. Here are a few of my favorites that show the versatility that this powerhouse piece has to offer.

Not only will a lucky reader get to visit Paris in all of its winter glory but they will also have the opportunity to take a tour of the Grange furniture factory in Lyon! Lyon is a city that is very close to my heart as I lived there as an exchange student in high school and have not been back since but have dreamed of visiting again. I remember it being absolutely charming and so full of life!  Grange has been manufacturing furniture since 1904 and has established itself as a major influence in furniture design and serves as ambassadors for the French art of living, designing and creating interiors with emotional impact. They deliver an authentic French "Art de vivre" We will be able to take an exclusive tour of their factory on the Monday following the show and see how their beautiful furniture comes to life.


How can you enter you ask? Here are the details!

Leave a comment below as to why you would love to visit Paris and Lyon and attend Maison et Objet the end of January . The winner will receive:

  • Coach airfare from a US/Canadian city to Paris
  • Three nights in a Paris hotel
  • A ticket to Maison de Objet with complimentary shuttle to show
  • A day trip to Lyon for a factory visit on Monday following the show.  


A big thank you to everyone who entered and your responses! I wish I could bring all of you in my suitcase! 


Congrats to the winner: Brittany! 


Bonne chance!



This post is in collaboration with Grange Furniture

Spook-tacular Pumpkins October 28 2014

Want to be festive this Halloween - but not have to go through the hassle (and mess) of carving a pumpkin? Here are 4 creative and fun ways that you can have artsy pumpkins this Halloween. A fun idea is to go to a local supermarket (perfect for you city dwellers) and buy the smaller decorative gourds and use them to give your interiors some fall flair. You can even have a decorating parting with your friends – a little wine and a little Halloween crafting would make for the perfect weekday get together!

1. Nailhead Pumpkin

2. Chalkboard Pumpkin

3. Ombre Pumpkin

4. Neon Pumpkin

Were you raised in a barn? October 21 2014

If brands like Ralph Lauren and Hermes have proved anything, it is that equestrian inspired fashion never goes out of style. However, incorporating equestrian themed pieces into one's design scheme can often seem to be too daunting of a task. There is of course always a fine line between sophisticated English manor house and trophy room at Churchill Downs. Need some inspiration on how to integrate this trend without going overboard? In 2011, Veranda Magazine gave a tour of an L.A. concept property, aptly named “The House of Windsor”. Decorator Kathryn Ireland managed to design a stable/art studio that whimsically combined all the romance and sophistication of an equestrian theme with the structure and clarity of modern architecture.

You can get a virtual tour of the property by clicking here

Call of the Wild October 14 2014 5 Comments

All of us have had, or have witnessed, the horror that is animal wallpaper. It starts out well meaning enough, a lovely salmon bunny motif in a baby’s nursery. Fast-forward two decades and that “baby” is coming home to that same wallpaper during their holiday visits from college. So just how does one utilize the whimsy of animal patterns without making the often simultaneous commitment to adolescence? Using these wallpapers you can easily satiate your call of the wild without being stuck perpetually in the kiddie section.

1. Brer Rabbit Wallpaper Classic - William Morris

2. Congo Blues - Clarence House

3. Tibet Print - Clarence House

4. Flamingo Dance - Kimberly Lewis

It’s a Date! October 03 2014

This blog post might be a shameless friend brag – but, believe me, I have a reason to be proud! My friend Inslee is one of the most talented artists I know, and uses her stunning illustrations on everything from calendars to prints and stationary. Based in NYC, Inslee by Design combines feminine and flirty graphics with just the right amount of sass. I am particularly enamored with her yearly calendars (featured below), which I religiously purchase every year, and never fail to brighten my day. To see more of Inslee’s works be sure to visit her online at .

The Midas Touch September 30 2014

If you are like myself, then there have been occasions when you have resisted buying metallic décor for fear that it might appear too gauche. Admittedly, metallic is a difficult look to seamlessly pull off, and definitely gives meaning to the phrase “less is more”. Yet, this is not a reason to avoid the trend altogether. Below you will find ways to add some chrome into your design scheme without feeling overly ostentatious.

1. Geddes Square Tray Gold  2. Gold Leaf Wreath 3. Farrow and Ball Ranelagh Wallpaper 4. Gallery Gold Leaf Frames


Playing with Pattern September 24 2014

Here at Kimberly Lewis we are huge supporters of pattern, pattern, and more pattern. To the geometrically bashful decorator, the prospect of mixing and matching patterns may appear to be an altogether unpleasant, if not impossible, experience. But don’t you worry, we have you covered with easy and fun (did we mention easy?) ways to incorporate patterns into your everyday décor. These featured navy designs a perfect transition piece for the fall and are totally situational year round (nautical chic anyone?). 

  1. Jonathan Adler - Navy and Nautical Zig Zag Throw Pillow
  2. West Elm -Honeycomb Textured Wool Rug
  3. Crate and Barrel - Raza Zig Zag Platter
  4. Jonathan Adler - Sorrento Highball Glass 

Win a Trip to Paris with Kimberly Lewis and Grange Furniture! September 19 2014 4 Comments

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on my blog post and instagram yesterday about the What Colors Do You Dream in? Contest hosted by Grange Furniture 
Here is how to enter to win in two easy steps and you could be jet setting to the city of lights!

1) Like Grange Furniture Inc

2) Like this photo:

Bonne chance!!

Designing an Ambiance with Grange September 17 2014 2 Comments

Elation, flattery and a bit of intimidation – these were just some of the emotions that simultaneously coursed through my mind when I was invited to throw my proverbial hat in the ring to compete in Grange Furniture’s challenge to win a trip for myself and a lucky reader to Maison et Objet in Paris. The mission – create an innovative design scheme that utilized their Directoire console cabinet, which would then be appraised and ranked by a panel of design mavens! 



So it was decided, the Directoire console (above) was to be my Bridgitte Bardot, my Girl with the Pearl Earring – through it’s geometrically blessed construction and functional opulence I was to find my muse. However, my road would not be an easy one given Grange’s 29 finishes, not even taking into consideration their additional three levels of antiquing – how was a girl to choose? Using their MyGrange design tool (think the electronic closet from Clueless), I was able to mix and match my options until I found a combination that perfectly communicated my desired aesthetic, vision, and personality.


The resulting installation was something that can perhaps most accurately be described as Chartreuse Chic. This design scheme is intended for the downtown girl who says no to neutrals, and is unapologetic in her utilization of color as a means of testimonial. Her Directoire console is distinct enough to stand as a statement piece, yet it flows seamlessly into a graphic wallpaper and an edged up Grecian bust (a girl needs her jewels!). After all, what’s the point of decorating if you can’t have a little fun?


Follow GRANGE on Facebook to stay in the loop about the contest, voting starts tomorrow!
This post is in collaboration with Grange Furniture

Not Your Grandmother's Plaids September 10 2014

Plaid Blog Revised

The term plaid has become synonymous with images of quiet earth tones paired with a base of reds (think Mel Gibson in Braveheart). This age old style of patterning was coincidentally a central trend during Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week, but trust us, these weren’t your grandmother’s plaids. Designers such as Altuzarra, Thakoon, Calla, and Delpozzo displayed plaids that were just as sophisticated as their generation X counterparts, but entirely more fun and youthful. Unapologetically colorful, we can definitely see these trends translating into a rustic meets contemporary interior design scheme. 1. Altuzarra Fall 2014 2. Thakoon Fall 2014 3. Hermes Avalon Blanket 4. Maison Suzanne Gallery French Chair 5. Beverley Wallpaper