Kimberly's Valentine's Day Picks February 04 2014


Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that over the years I've pretended to not care much about but deep down inside secretly love. Even for the years that I have celebrated without a Valentine I love seeing the the blooming bouquets of flowers, the candy hearts that everyone seems to hate besides myself, and the softer side of people all around.

Don't we wish that all of the days on the calendar could be viewed through rose colored glasses like this one special day of the year?

1. Love Your Selfie Racerback by JQLovesU Give as a gift to yourself, because if you can't love your selfie then how else is anyone supposed to love you back?

2. Pave Open Hearts Bangle by CWonder Everyone deserves a little Pave in their life

3. Chamomile & White Willow Bark Clay Face Mask by Astrida Naturals Self care = self love, give as a gift or for yourself

4. Love Struck folded note cards by Inslee by Design Love notes aren't just for your sweetie, seal with a kiss and send to your bff's near and far

5. Gingham Bow Tie by The Tie Bar Add a wink of pink to any man in your life's wardrobe, real men DO wear pink

Sending you much love!!


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