Designing an Ambiance with Grange September 17 2014 2 Comments

Elation, flattery and a bit of intimidation – these were just some of the emotions that simultaneously coursed through my mind when I was invited to throw my proverbial hat in the ring to compete in Grange Furniture’s challenge to win a trip for myself and a lucky reader to Maison et Objet in Paris. The mission – create an innovative design scheme that utilized their Directoire console cabinet, which would then be appraised and ranked by a panel of design mavens! 



So it was decided, the Directoire console (above) was to be my Bridgitte Bardot, my Girl with the Pearl Earring – through it’s geometrically blessed construction and functional opulence I was to find my muse. However, my road would not be an easy one given Grange’s 29 finishes, not even taking into consideration their additional three levels of antiquing – how was a girl to choose? Using their MyGrange design tool (think the electronic closet from Clueless), I was able to mix and match my options until I found a combination that perfectly communicated my desired aesthetic, vision, and personality.


The resulting installation was something that can perhaps most accurately be described as Chartreuse Chic. This design scheme is intended for the downtown girl who says no to neutrals, and is unapologetic in her utilization of color as a means of testimonial. Her Directoire console is distinct enough to stand as a statement piece, yet it flows seamlessly into a graphic wallpaper and an edged up Grecian bust (a girl needs her jewels!). After all, what’s the point of decorating if you can’t have a little fun?


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This post is in collaboration with Grange Furniture