Wallpaper Memoirs: Samantha Penner of The Peak of Tres Chic November 06 2014

I am super excited to be kicking off my newest column here on Not for Wallflowers. This has been brewing in the back of my head for quite some time. I have found since starting my company that when I mention what I do a lot of people will bring up a very distinct memory from growing up surrounding wallpaper. Since everything old is new again and my wallpaper aims not to be your grandmothers wallpaper I'd love to celebrate these memories and celebrate how far wallpaper has come in the last handful of decades. I've asked my favorites designers/bloggers/tastemakers to share their wallpaper memoirs with me and we are kicking it off today with Samantha Penner a Houston based Interior Designer and the author of The Peak of Tres Chic, a favorite blog of mine! 
 Samantha's Wallpaper Memory
 I grew up visiting my great grandmother Margaret in Denton, TX, and she had a lovely French toile blue and white paper throughout her home that I loved.  My design style has always been traditionally rooted, and I think my affinity for classic motifs and patterns began here, with Margaret's lovely blue and white French toile.
As my style has evolved throughout the years to become more fresh and updated, I have grown to love modern, graphic prints.  My favorite is David Hicks La Fiorentina.
 Samantha's Favorite Wallpaper
David Hicks Fiorentina. I LOVE this wallpaper.  It was designed by the decorating great David Hicks himself, and is reminiscent of the swingin 60s.  I recently used it in a client's entryway, and result was fabulous!  We paired it with a brass sputnik chandelier.
Make sure to check out Samantha's blog and her fabulous Instagram feed. Thanks so much Sam for kicking off this series!