Wallpaper Memoirs: Sarah Sarna November 18 2014


Back today with another Wallpaper Memoirs post, today we are chatting with Sarah Sarna, blogger and interior designer and fellow friend of mine!  I am really loving hearing everyone's responses so far and can't wait to share more. If you are interested in contributing to the conversation shoot me an email


Do you have a memory of wallpaper from the past that stands out in your mind?

The wallpaper in my bedroom from age 9 onwards was a pale pink grasscloth. I remember my mom showing me the sample and just loving it. Pink was my favorite color and I found the grasscloth texture to be so sophisticated. Unfortunately, after my mom carefully hung the paper, our cat, Raisin, realized that she also loved the texture and would try to scratch at it, to our dismay. Cat scratches aside, I've been a grasscloth fan ever since.
What is your all time favorite wallpaper pattern?
I love black and white or black and grey toile. Toile in general. My grandmother is a (now retired) decorator and she had a grey and white toile wallpaper in a powder room in the house she lived in until I was in middle school. In her current home she has an all black and white toile guest bedroom. I find toile to be a timeless, beautiful print, and it also reminds me of her.