Wallpaper Memoirs: Avery Thatcher of Juju Papers December 29 2014

I am very excited to have Avery of Juju Papers talking about her wallpaper inspiration today on Wallpaper Memoirs! I met Avery a handful of years back at ICFF where she was exhibiting. Her designs are both fresh and effortlessly chic and I'm so glad we've both been able to keep in touch and foster a bi-coastal wallpaper friendship! 

Do you have a memory of wallpaper from the past that stands out in your mind?
Yes! I traveled around South Africa a few times in the 00s, and I was blown away when I discovered a certain pattern trend in Cape Town's townships (the typically underdeveloped living areas, commonly outside of urban centers, that until the end of Apartheid, where reserved for non-whites). The home decor style of the moment was to paper the walls floor to ceiling with repeating food labels. It was one part Warhol, nine parts parts outsider art, and a thousand parts subversive and radical. I fell in love with the style and it propelled the use of pattern in my work as an artist.  Photo credits by Craig Fraser for the great book Shack Chic.
What is your all time favorite wallpaper pattern? 
At around the same time that the aforementioned travels were opening my eyes to the allure of pattern, so were a few filmmakers whose use of wallpaper and pattern inspired and beguiled me. The first was Pedro Almodovar - in many of his films, but specifically, in All About My Mother. So much amazing wallpaper and pattern, and there was one scene with a sort-of mod wallpaper that I became obsessed with. At the time, I hand-painted this same pattern all over every inch of my bedroom in the same style. Photo above is a still from the film. 
The second filmmaker was Wong Kar Wai, with his use of wallpaper and patterns in In the Mood for Love. So many rich rooms with a kind of daring depth and history, very unAmerican. This kind of layered pattern decor just tells a different story about the people who live there and the history that they share. 
Thank you so much Avery for sharing your Wallpaper Memoirs! Make sure to check out her website and fabulous wallpapers!