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Not Your Grandmother's Plaids September 10 2014

Plaid Blog Revised

The term plaid has become synonymous with images of quiet earth tones paired with a base of reds (think Mel Gibson in Braveheart). This age old style of patterning was coincidentally a central trend during Fall 2014 New York Fashion Week, but trust us, these weren’t your grandmother’s plaids. Designers such as Altuzarra, Thakoon, Calla, and Delpozzo displayed plaids that were just as sophisticated as their generation X counterparts, but entirely more fun and youthful. Unapologetically colorful, we can definitely see these trends translating into a rustic meets contemporary interior design scheme. 1. Altuzarra Fall 2014 2. Thakoon Fall 2014 3. Hermes Avalon Blanket 4. Maison Suzanne Gallery French Chair 5. Beverley Wallpaper


I am excited to announce that I am one of the new Interior Design contributor's over on my friend Sarah Sarna's blog Live the Life You Dream About. I will be contributing monthly and my first post went live this morning! I share 10 of My Favorite Modern Toile Wallpaper Patterns. Click the image above to pop over and read it!



Wallpaper 101: Pattern Repeat April 28 2014

What is a wallpaper “repeat”?

A wallpaper's “repeat” determines both how often the pattern repeats itself horizontally. It is technically the vertical distance between where the pattern is identical again and repeats itself. This distance can be very small if the pattern is tiny or it can be the entire width of the wallpaper.  There are a few different types of repeats: The most common repeat in our collection is a Straight Match. Every panel of wallpaper hung will look exactly the same. The wallpaper will match horizontally creating a pattern sequence. Some wallpapers have a random pattern match, this is the easiest to hang because there is no pattern sequence and the wallpaper can be hung with no waste. Another repeat is called the Drop Match. Every other strip of wallpaper installed will have the same design at the ceiling line and it will form a diagonal pattern sequence instead of horizontal like the straight match. Here is an image from The Wallpaper Collective that illustrates the difference:



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Wallpaper 101: Finding a Paperhanger April 18 2014


 I often get emails asking for a paperhanger recommendations for XY&Z cities and while I don't have a running list of every paperhanger in the country (or world!) my answer is usually always the same.  I do highly recommend hiring a professional paperhanger when hanging wallpaper. While you could potentially do it yourself hiring a paperhanger will save you a lot of frustration now and down the road especially if you end up installing it wrong. This is an area that you do not want to skimp on. A reputable wallcovering installer will will carefully prepare a comprehensive plan, estimating costs based on material, labor and experience specifications. They will also be able to help you determine how many rolls you will need to order and any questions you may have about the installation. I always recommend people take a peek at the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers website and find someone that way. All members of this association are craftsmen and women who install wallcovering for their living. It is important to find someone that comes recommended and has a reputation for excellent work. If you are in the NYC are I am more than happy to send over info for reputable paperhangers in the area.

Happy Valentine's Day + Design Crush! February 14 2014


Happy Valentine's Day! I'm still catching up on emails and sample orders since I took a long weekend off to get in some New Hampshire skiing but I wanted to pop in today to share these lovely photos of the ever so talented Christine of Bijou and Boheme that are up on Style Me Pretty Living, take a peek! Its official, Christine is my official Valentine's Day Design Crush! Christine definitely has a keen eye for design and her home simply blows me away, it is GORGEOUS! I love her use of wallpaper throughout the home, as well! Hello Ostrich wallpaper in the hallway, I think I love you.  Christine has been ever so kind to feature my wallpaper on her blog over the years and I've loved reading her blog and seeing her grow as a designer. I am madly in love with her home and just about everything she touches! A huge congrats Christine on the feature! What are you crushing on today in honor of Valentine's Day? Tell me in the comments section!


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Kimberly's Valentine's Day Picks February 04 2014


Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that over the years I've pretended to not care much about but deep down inside secretly love. Even for the years that I have celebrated without a Valentine I love seeing the the blooming bouquets of flowers, the candy hearts that everyone seems to hate besides myself, and the softer side of people all around.

Don't we wish that all of the days on the calendar could be viewed through rose colored glasses like this one special day of the year?

1. Love Your Selfie Racerback by JQLovesU Give as a gift to yourself, because if you can't love your selfie then how else is anyone supposed to love you back?

2. Pave Open Hearts Bangle by CWonder Everyone deserves a little Pave in their life

3. Chamomile & White Willow Bark Clay Face Mask by Astrida Naturals Self care = self love, give as a gift or for yourself

4. Love Struck folded note cards by Inslee by Design Love notes aren't just for your sweetie, seal with a kiss and send to your bff's near and far

5. Gingham Bow Tie by The Tie Bar Add a wink of pink to any man in your life's wardrobe, real men DO wear pink

Sending you much love!!


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Let's Sparkle this New Year January 31 2014



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Simplified Bee Sneak Peek! January 24 2014

Cristin of Simplified Bee is in the process of designing a little girls room with my wallpaper Sierra in Aubergine. Its not quite finished for a big reveal but she sent me this sneak peek and I am antsy to see the rest! The purple and green color palette is so fresh and fun! Thanks so much Cristin for sending this over and can't wait to see the full reveal!


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HGTV Wallpaper Giveaway January 20 2014

I am partnering with HGTV to giveaway two rolls of any of my wallpapers! The contest has been running all weekend but you still have a full 24 hours to enter! I'd love to see how you style it in your home.

Click here to enter the giveaway!

Good luck!


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A Year in Review and looking ahead! January 17 2014



In 2013 I... Put out my second collection of wallpaper, and it ended up in a museum! Hired my very first virtual assistant to help me out with my business! Hey Rose! ;) Started a new full time job at a company that I love. Met an amazing guy :) Bit off more than I could chew with a full time job, my business, social life and volunteering but learned from it, the hard way! Was finally able to succinctly answer the question 'What do you do?' which was a big one for me since I often struggled with explaining my day job with my night job or just pretended altogether that I didn't have a day job... I'm finally proud of both now! In 2014 I... Resolve to focus fearlessly, my mantra for the year for my business Will make a conscious effort to get into bed earlier (and out of bed earlier!) Will blog at least 2-3 times per week, I'd love to really get this blog going and start a community of people who share the same interests as myself! Will curl my hair my often, a silly resolution but it makes me feel pretty and who doesn't like to feel beautiful? Continue to save save save! I get such a thrill from seeing my bank account growing and slowly inching towards my saving goals (Hint: this girl wants a place to call her own!) Will sign my first licensing contract and hit my yearly revenue goal, this girls got dreams!


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Baby By Design Installation January 14 2014


I absolutely adore when customers send over photos of their wallpaper installations. Its always so interesting to see how people make it their own and style it. I was elated when Hilary of Baby By Design, a baby boutique sent me some snaps of her store. I knew from the moment that I opened the email and clicked on her website that it would be a visual treat! Hilary chose our wallpaper Sierra in Cadmium and it serves as a backdrop to the Baby By Design store that opened in October 2012 in Fort Worth, Texas.


Baby by Design is a concept that was born out of a love for design, a passion for small business, an desire to bring women a local destination where they could both design and shop for the nursery of their dreams.


In addition the the store Hilary also pens the blog Yellow Crown, a lifestyle blog for the modern mom and baby which takes a peak into Hilary's stellar style picks for all things baby, nursery, maternity style, and design. Check it out!


4806 Camp Bowie Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76107


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Aerin Lauder's Aspen Escape January 10 2014

It's finally a balmy 35 degrees here in Brooklyn and I am feeling like a human again.  I've been living in leggings and oversized sweaters with my massive snow boots, puffer coat and all the bells and whistles to keep warm and honestly haven't been feeling too chic this week. I was on Pinterest the other night and up popped a photo of Aerin Lauder back when Vogue featured her Aspen home in 2011. I've looked up to Aerin since my days of working at Estee Lauder Companies. I remember running into her in the elevator once and I was so starstruck I could barely squeak out a hello. I've always thought she was the epitome of class and seemed so down to earth as well. I know the Vogue photos aren't exactly new but lets face it I would kill to spend even a night in her swank Aspen home and would totally raid her closet as well!





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Read this on the train today... July 14 2009

"After-images occur when the eyes had a concentrated burst of a single colour for a period of time. It triggers the optic nerve to create a brief flash of its complementary opposite, so fleeting it hardly ever registers. Ever wondered why surgical scrubs and operating theatre textiles are blue-green? It's the complementary color of blood red and, because the optic nerve recognizes the complementary colour when they look up, it prevents the surgeons getting an after-image when they look away from the open wound." from "Chromatic Scale" in the newest issue of Selvedge Color is crazy!