Work with Kimberly

Custom Print and Pattern and Product Design

Kimberly is available for custom print and pattern design as well as product design. Kimberly specializes in print and pattern design and home but also has an extensive background designing for fashion, beauty, baby products, and luxury home decor (both hard and soft products) Kimberly has worked for the following industry leaders. 



Kimberly is currently accepting selective projects to work on and is booking for Spring 2017 Please email if you have a design project you would like to chat about. Kimberly's portfolio is available upon request.


Kimberly has a broad portfolio of prints that embody her flirty, colorful, playful aesthetic. If you are interested in licensing patterns from Kimberly please contact us at 

Custom Wallpaper 

We are happy to work with clients to create custom wallpaper personalized to their design needs. We will work with you to dream up your dream wallpaper or can customize our existing patterns with custom scales and colors. If you are interested in working with Kimberly please contact us at 


Kimberly is open to many forms of colloboration

- Brand ambassadorship at design industry trade fairs and conferences
- Brand Giveaways and exclusive opportunities and content on our blog and Instagram

- Brand ambassadorship at design industry trade fairs and conferences
- Affiliate programs
- Book or event Reviews on the blog
- Guest posts on brand blogs, Kimberly has written content for Huffington Post, DIY-Life, and Live the Life You Dream About.
- Planning, hosting, and/or decorating co-branded events
- Speaking engagements about wallpaper, design, decorating. Kimberly has spoken at Apartment Therapy Design Evenings in NYC.
- Digital and print media, and other brand exposure opportunities